Annihilare offers cutting edge infection prevention technology with on-site generation to make sustainable products at your location. All you need to make a powerful cleaning solution is running water, salt and electricity. That’s it! This is a great way to streamline purchasing and reduce your carbon footprint. Many cleaning methods are outdated using toxic chemicals and there are better ways that can make a profound difference for your customers and staff. Are you using new technology to keep up with new standards in cleaning. You could be with Annihilare’s products!  

The product offers a safer way to clean without harsh chemicals. Their cleaning solutions are EPA registered and are non-irritating keeping your staff and customers safe. They provide equipment for on-site generation that allows you to easily make your own cleaning products. Simply fill spray bottles and start cleaning!

The Technology

Annihilare’s powerful cleaning solutions are comprised of Hypochlorous acid or HOCI and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) created with their AoS-500 generator through the process of electrolysis. The on-site generator breaks up the water molecule (H2O) and the sale molecule (NaCl). Then the H and O elements recombine with the Na to produce HOCl and NaOH. Hypochlorous acid is a hospital-grade tuberculocidal cleaner and disinfectant that kills viruses such as coronaviruses. Sodium hydroxide is a powerful degreaser safe to use on carpets, upholstery and in kitchens. 

Each machinery has a dilution station to expand both of the products. This feature will dilute HOCl into a sanitizer or a deodorizer. The NaOH degreaser is automatically diluted for use as a multipurpose cleaner or glass / chrome cleaner. One machine makes a variety of high efficacy cleaning products!

Harness the power of nature through Annihilare’s EPA registered and Green Seal certified cleaners and disinfectants!

Why It’s Important 

The most important reason to use Annihilare’s technology is because of the sheer cleaning power of the product. But there are other benefits such as streamlined purchasing and doing your share towards a reduced carbon footprint.

The benefits of implementing Annihilare’s cleaning system include:

  • Reduced chemical inventory storage. 
  • Decreased chemical packaging waste.
  • Less time spent ordering and tracking inventory.
  • Protecting the environment by cutting back on excess shipping materials, less fuel consumption, and fewer waste going to landfills. 
  • EPA registered and Clean Seal Certified.
  • All their units are made in America!

Isn’t it time to update to new technologies that make a difference for your bottom line, the health of your customers, staff and the environment?