Choosing the right mats for the entire facility, and not just the entrance, is more important than you think. Safety is a priority for all businesses and that includes the right floor mats appropriate for your industry whether a school or healthcare facility. Crown Mats makes and manufactures custom floor mats for all market niches. They are designed to last for commercial entrances and industrial work environments. Their on-site lab customizes mats to your specifications with a wide selection of colors, textures, thickness, size, borders and backing options.

These mats are perfect for schools and businesses not just because of their durability and safety, but also because they can be branded with logos using a Pantone Matching System (PMS) color match. Your branding efforts can literally start right at your front door!

Investing in quality mats throughout your facility or workplace makes a difference. Floors keep their shine and luster longer. The moisture captured and absorbed by the mats reduces the risk of slips and falls. Debris can scuff or harm floors causing unsightly damage. Investing in quality mats offers a shield between floors and substances that can cause harm. Keep your floors AND visitors safe by choosing the right mats. 

There are mats made for various climates including a line that remains flexible even in the coldest temperatures. These mats are made through a technology called flocking. Crown has their own unique process for durability to ensure the aesthetic and quality of the mat. 

Entrance Mats

According to ISSA, the types of mats matter recommending 15 feet of entrance matting to prevent up to 80-90% of dirt tracked in from shoes. Achieving 15 feet of matting is doable through a 3-mat system. This system is comprised of 3 3’x5’ mats. This helps to control dirt, dust, and moisture from being spread throughout the facility.  Another bonus is that they honor a warranty through their Total Confidence Warranty for many of their entrance mats for the life of the product. 

There are three important sections to consider when ordering mats:

  • Scraper Zone: The scraper zone falls outside of the entrance or placed inside right as you step through the door. The function is to actually scrape mud, dirt and particles off of shoes.
  • Scraper / Wiper Zone: This mat is placed just after the scraper mat. This mat catches and absorbs anything the first mat does not. In addition, it wipes away moisture and fine dirt particles. Entrance too small for both? Then go with this mat to take care of both scraping and wiping.
  • Wiper Zone: This is one last pass at catching all of the debris and most importantly moisture. This mat actually traps moisture and dust particles below the surface of the mat. This mat has been proven to enhance the air quality keeping dust from being released into the air.

Think Beyond The Front Door!

Entrance mats are a necessity, but so are the mats specifically designed for kitchens, the cafeteria, pool areas, locker rooms and other areas where floor safety is paramount in a school or other buildings. Many believe that mats are an accessory for the sake of appearance only.  However, mats serve a purpose for safety and cleanliness. In addition, anti-fatigue mats can reduce leg and body strain from standing over long periods of time. The fact that they look nice is a value-add!