Pro-Link has recently announced that as of March 20, 2023, Toby Deitzel has been appointed the Interim President and CEO. We believe that appropriate change leads to positive aspects. The goal of this decision is to improve staff morale, better business opportunities for our distributors and suppliers, and encourage innovation towards growth.

Toby Deitzel Pro-LinkToby Deitzel certainly does not require introduction. He is a legend in the industry and well-respected. Toby is passionate about our distributor members, Pro Link, and will lead with a members first attitude. He has been heavily involved in our relationship with vendors so there should be little to no disruption in those efforts.

In addition to Toby stepping into this interim role, we have hired another Pro-Link legend, Paul Lemieux, to work closely as a consultant with Toby throughout the transition. Paul brings tremendous value, a proven track record and experience that will help propel Pro-Link to a new level.

We care deeply about the future of Pro-Link and are excited about this change that will allow us all to pull together to get this organization on the track it needs to be on. At this moment, we are evaluating all initiatives and programs to continue to provide valuable services to differentiate your business in the marketplace.

Change is in the air, and it means great things to come. Highlights of these changes include the following:

  • Kevin McInerney was named chairman of the board for Pro-Link
  • Ailene Grego was recently named a Pro-Link board member
  • New programs for paper and liners
  • And MORE!

The current board consists of a strong panel of members: Larry Lawton, George Gross, Ailene Grego, Collin Carney, Kevin McInerney and two outside business people, Tom Carey, and Dave Kesterton.

We are confident that these improvements will facilitate the achievements of our organization’s goals and mission going forward.