Cleancore Solutions provides an excellent solution for a simplified and more efficient cleaning system that is also very effective. Not only does it replace multiple traditional chemical cleaners, but it is safer and healthier to use. They offer a mobile caddy system that is easy to maneuver and offers touch-free cleaning that your janitorial staff will appreciate. Their technology produces aqueous ozone made from water and oxygen from the air.

The caddy blends an easy to use system with a very effective multipurpose cleaning system developed for janitorial professionals. The technology is an advanced aqueous ozone system that uses water and the air we breathe. Simply plug the unit into an electrical outlet, fill the water reservoir, turn the power on and allow the system to prime. It’s mobile so you can take it wherever you want. Then clean, sanitize and deodorize in a way that is effective, eco-friendly and non-toxic. Greener and cleaner!

The Technology

Oxygen is converted into ozone and mixed with cold tap water to form aqueous ozone. When it is sprayed it is attracted to soils, germs and other contaminants. The ozone eliminates the germs and then converts back to oxygen and water. The result is a powerful clean that sanitizes and deodorizes! It is residue free, contains no harmful VOCs or fragrances. Did we mention powerful? Hospital systems have switched to CleanCore’s aqueous ozone for all of their general cleaning, glass cleaning and floor care including carpet. That’s powerful!

Why It’s Important 

The effectiveness and strength of the cleaning solution is a major benefit. Equally important are factors such as the impact on the environment by reducing the volume of manufacturing and the frequent use of synthetic cleaning solutions. Along with the use of natural elements, other benefits include:

  • Investing in CleanCore will save you money as a result of the migration to hands-free cleaning from reduced supply and chemical purchases.
  • Reduces labor and cuts down on storage of harsh chemicals.
  • Reduces the risk of harsh chemicals and is touch free.
  • No streaking means no chemicals are left behind so there is no need to wipe down surfaces a second time. 
  • Eliminates the need for buckets.
  • Cleans hard surfaces, floors, carpets, upholstery, food contact surfaces and more with no rinsing. 
  • Excellent deodorizer as it does not mask odors because the solution kills the bacteria that causes the odors.
  • Green Seal Certification.

An on-site on-demand system consisting of only water, air and electricity couldn’t be simpler. The satisfaction received from knowing you provide hospital grade cleaning, reduced carbon footprint, and a return on investment is invaluable.

Learn more about how CleanCore’s on-site on-demand solution is the right move for your business through one of our many distributors located throughout the United States.