Technology in cleaning is swiftly evolving with new innovative products on the market. Hospitals, schools, airports and facilities large and small are embracing better methods of cleaning and are investing heavily in new technologies. Companies who offer innovative cleaning solutions make a marked difference for their customers and staff. Are you offering the best experience through innovative technology? If not, it’s time to consider adding new technologies instead of continuing to use outdated and costly products you might not need. 

Three specific companies are forging a path towards healthier and more effective cleaning systems: Annihilare, CleanCore Solutions, and Greentech. This article explains their technology and the benefits of using their products. Any business or facility that needs to provide sanitized, deodorized and disinfected spaces should understand what these companies do. Their products are safe and powerful!

Annihilare – Hypochlorous Acid Solutions That Are Ushering In A New Generation Of Clean

Annihilare offers cutting-edge technology that is safe and effective through the use of hypochlorous acid and through the process of electrolysis. Hypochlorous acid is not new. In fact, it was discovered over 150 years ago and was even used as a wound treatment in the first world war prior to the advent of antibiotics. In the past 20 years, scientists across the world have seen the technology become more robust and hypochlorous acid is now back in the forefront as a powerful anti-microbial cleaning solution safe for customers and staff. This cleaning technology plays a significant role in fighting viruses and disease such as COVID-19. Hypochlorous acid is shown to be 99.9% effective against coronaviruses. annihilare green technology Pro-Link

Annihilare has developed on-site generation equipment so that schools, hospitals, hotels, airports and others can make cleaners right there at their facilities. This offers distinct benefits that includes less time having to order and track inventory, less harm to the environment due to excess shipping of materials, less fuel consumption from transportation, and a reduction in single-use plastic waste means less is sent to landfills. Their Green Seal Certified products are EPA registered confirming their commitment to a healthy environment. Another excellent selling point – all of their units are made in America! 

How does it work? Annihilare provides the equipment to make your own sustainable products at your location. Their machines produce a non-synthetic and sustainable tuberculocidal disinfectant and effective cleaner / degreaser out of water, salt and electricity. The equipment is easy to operate, maintain and they can easily be stored in custodial closets. Add water and fill ready to use spray bottles straight from the fill stations. 

It might be time to add an on-site generation cleaning system to reduce the number of chemicals you order, store and manage your inventory easier. It will be good for the environment, customers, staff and your business. 

CleanCore Solutions – On-Site On-Demand Systems

CleanCore Solutions is another great example of a company that has created technology to reduce the usage of harsh chemicals by providing a natural aqueous ozone solution for all-purpose cleaning. CleanCore’s Aqueous Ozone devices are recognized by the EPA as powerful but safe methods of cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing. They have simplified cleaning in their CleanCore Caddy. The caddy is a multi-purpose cleaning system developed for janitorial professionals. As mentioned, it generates their patented technology Aqueous Ozone Solution using cold water and air. That’s it! Cleancore caddy pro-link

It is powerful chemical free cleaning for floors, high-touch surfaces and other janitorial applications. It also reduces the carbon footprint without sacrificing performance. 

How does it work? The caddy system provides on-site and on-demand cleaning. Plug the unit into an outlet and fill the water reservoir. Turn on the power, allow the system to prime and it’s ready to use. Simply bring the caddy wherever you need to clean such as the restrooms, hallways, kitchen space, offices, or anywhere. It will even clean carpet!

Greentech – Exclusive Air Purification Technology That Eliminates Odors At The Molecular Level

Change is in the air thanks to Greentech. They have launched a brand new standard in air purification with the only air purifiers to combine both active and passive air purification technologies with the odor-eliminating power of ODOgard. Their system removes almost 2.5 times the number of VOCs than carbon filters, creating a cleaner environment for employees and customers. 

greentech purair hepa filter

Common sense tells us that bad smells are bad for business. Unpleasant odors can create issues that could be disruptive to productivity or cause a bad experience for customers. Masking odors with sprays or using carbon filters often times are not sufficient to destroy the odor – they typically come back after a short period of time. Greentech’s air purification systems are the solution to destroying unpleasant odors and keeping the air safe, pleasant, professional and inviting through their pureAIR ActiveHEPA with ODOgard.

How does it work? The filters destroy odors at the molecular level by creating a covalent bond with the odor molecule, changing its structure and making it inert to where it smells like nothing. Their technology traps and destroys odors along with allergens. It is the only air purifier on the market that actually eliminates the odors by bonding to odor molecules. The odor is gone and will not come back. 

The ability to transform the air in any facility or office space into a pleasant and healthy environment is invaluable. Adding Greentech products to your line-up of offerings will improve consumer and staff confidence by investing in their well-being and health. 

The bottom line? Offering customers the latest technology in cleaning brings something of value to them. Adopting new standards in cleaning and air purification helps companies stay relevant and instills confidence in customers and staff.