National Accounts Program

For companies operating in multiple geographic regions, Pro-Link has developed a program that delivers:

  • Consistently cleaner facilities
  • Simplified procurement processes
  • Less time required for management oversight
  • Lower total cost for keeping your facility clean

National Coverage and Local Support
Pro-Link’s network of over 100 distribution points ensures rapid and reliable delivery no matter where your facilities are located. We also offer timely, local support for training and troubleshooting.

Efficient Procurement
Pro-Link’s Centralized Purchasing System provides management control and simplified transaction processing. Orders can be placed online through an easy-to-use website that limits purchasing to only the pre-authorized items, at contracted prices, ensuring consistent products in all facilities. Monitoring product usage and budget management is simple with easy-to-access reports.

Pro-Link’s Central Purchasing System offers:

  • Control and compliance across multiple locations
  • Ordering efficiency and reduced errors
  • Identical pricing nationwide for cost control and budget management
  • Advanced reporting to monitor usage patterns
  • Streamlined invoicing and payment processing

    Professional Quality Cleaning Products
    Better Products Mean a Cleaner Facility

    The Pro-Link brand is built on high quality products that utilize the latest technologies to deliver better cleaning, increased productivity and improved worker safety. With Pro-Link’s national network, you benefit from uniform, high-quality products. Add our standardized procedures and training in all your facilities and you have a complete solution helping to improve efficiency and lower costs to keep your facilities clean.

Field Support – When and Where It’s Needed
Pro-Link’s Regional Managers are seasoned professionals, bringing significant industry experience and expertise in building maintenance and cleaning for industrial and commercial markets.Training and Troubleshooting

Additionally, through Pro-Link’s distributor partners, hundreds more sales consultants are available throughout the country – making local support, training and troubleshooting available when and where you need it.

Pro-Link’s field support services for national accounts include:

  • Site Surveys
  • Product Recommendations
  • Training for Cleaning Staff
  • Seminars and Classes
  • Troubleshooting and Problem Solving

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