A system of cleaning and disinfecting that is also good for the environment? It does exist thanks to Annihilare’s cutting edge infection prevention technology. This technology offers on-site generation to make sustainable products within your facility. If you have water, salt and electricity then you have a powerful cleaning solution! In addition, you also have the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint. Many cleaning methods are outdated using toxic chemicals and there are better ways that can make a profound difference for your customers and staff. 

The reason why the product is safer for the environment is that it offers a safer way to clean without harsh chemicals. Their cleaning solutions are EPA registered and, Annihilare is certified with many other environmental organizations. They include:

  • EPA Registration
  • Green Seal Certification
  • Green Product Certified
  • CleanSeal Approved
  • WoolSafe Approved
  • OMRI For Organic Use
  • Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI)
  • GBAC Star Registered -Global BioRisk Advisory Council

Annihilare has their brand Annihilyte registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as Registration Number 92449-1. They went through a lengthy and arduous process of verifying with third party labs, vigorous testing and labeling requirements. They even went a step further by having all of their on-site generators built in an EPA Establishment (92449-NC-1) and all claims are backed by scientific data as per EPA regulations defined in Chapter 13 of the Pesticide Registration Manual.

The benefits of utilizing Annihilare’s system includes:

  • Reduced chemical inventory storage. 
  • Decreased chemical packaging waste.
  • Less time spent ordering and tracking inventory.
  • Protecting the environment by cutting back on excess shipping materials, less fuel consumption, and fewer waste going to landfills. 
  • EPA registered and Clean Seal Certified.
  • All their units are made in America!


Take care of the environment and the cleaning needs of your facility through Annihilare’s cleaning system. Water, salt and power is all you need and you will not have to worry about running out of cleaning solutions. You can streamline your purchasing, keep your customers and staff safe AND help save the planet. Win Win Win! Contact us today on how to get started.