Americo makes innovative high-quality floor care products manufactured right here in the USA. Their full line of floor pads are made from 100% recycled PET fiber and natural content. This is tested sustainable technology. Americo believes that clean floors do not have to come at the cost of the environment. In fact, many of their products are Green Seal Certified. 

All of their floor pads are ideal for restoration, deep cleaning and polishing. An excellent attribute is the fact that they eliminate the need for burnishing, which saves time and money.

Black Diamond – Diamonds Are Everyone’s Best Friend With These Floor Pads

The Black Diamond line helps you achieve polishing perfection. This is made possible through their proprietary binder where the pads are sprayed by actual diamonds. The best part? No outsourcing.

 Black Diamond delivers an initial gloss increase of up to 300% on even the most well-worn floors. They even work well on natural stone and concrete floors. The four-step Black Diamond Cleaning and Polishing System transforms dull, worn floors into clean, glossy, brightly polished floors. They offer a range of grit levels allowing for a customizable floor care process based on the starting condition of the floor and the desired gloss level. 

New to Black Diamond? They have a convenient starter pack perfect for an introduction to the line. The Black Diamond Cleaning and Polishing System starter pack includes four floor pads – one in each grit level. 

Duet 2-In-1 Floor Pads Solves Multiple Floor Care Problems

Duet 2-in-1 floor pads are problem solvers! Instead of burnishing, they restore through a safer low speed instead of high speed. They are much less labor intensive, which your janitorial staff will appreciate. The 2-in1 Duet Pad is ideal for short-staffed solutions reducing labor and the amount of time spent because it cleans AND shines. In addition, it is better than burnishing using high speed machines that can be dangerous. Low speed machines mean less learning curve, saves time and is safer.  Burnishing is super labor intensive and Duet 2-in-1 floor pads solve that problem. 

The efficiency of these pads is significant. One Duet pad cleans and polishes up to 500,000 square feet of flooring. These pads polish while they clean and increase shine with repeated use. Duet eliminates the need to burnish saving time AND money. 

Just like the Black Diamond line, there is a reduced environmental impact with Duet. They offer a proprietary enhanced biodegradation technology with 100% recycled PET fiber. Cool fact – one 20” DUET floor pad keeps the equivalent of seven to ten 16.9-ounce water bottles from hitting a landfill. 

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